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FADKO ROYAL is a group of Media, Music, and Film Industry Specialists (Experts, Awards Winners, Professionals) who have been in those Industries since the eighties, assisting in giving effective consultations and solutions to many Artists, Institutions, Event Organizers, Freelancers, Business Owners, Radio Stations - Night Clubs - and Music Televisions Personnel, Film Producers and Directors, Managers, Management and Production Companies, Press Release Services, Booking, Talents, and several Agencies, and more… The group can also manage any good Art project, as it was and still behind many successes on every level. The group Specialists have a wide national and international experiences and work closely with all who are on and behind the scenes and with many decision makers in top Industries Institutions. So if you’re looking for approval to what you already know, it may or may not happen, especially that a lot of published information about those Industries are wrong unfortunately and far away from how things really work. But if you’re looking to learn how things actually work and get the right solution and a helpful assistance, then you’re most welcome!

We work with all those who are serious enough in succeeding and need effective full solutions to their projects and careers whether it’s an Artist career, release, or anything related to Media, Music, and Film Industries Personnel and Institutions: From planning, to managing, to executing, to production, to promotion, and more… We study every case deeply and give the solution that we deem best whether you decide to execute it or not. Notice that in most cases, there are no general solutions that work for everyone. Many have fell in this trap and could not understand why what worked for another did not work for them! Every person, institution, and case has most of the time its unique solution that has to be executed in the right time. So feel free to let us help!

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